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You can share my personal visual projection on the music and the stories.
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Web Live

This is a special place where I stream live shows via web.
It's a look inside the Lab and a way to go beyond the distance between me and everyone in the world who wants to assist to my live shows.
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It only requires you to install the Veetle plugin for you browser.
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The "Imaginative Sound Lab" project was founded in 2013 as a solo project of Giuseppe Pascali, guitarist, composer and arranger.
The main project's concept is to lead the imaginative power of music to its highest potential, combining instrumental music with conceptual and evocative video creations.
"Imaginative Sound Lab" is a project that merges music and visuals to bring you in a total sensorial trip. It's a virtual place where music is not only shaped to be only sounds, but also to tell you a story an let you imagine whatever you wish.
The fruits of this idea are a 6 tracks album, titled "Being Human Being," and a single "Time passes almost effortlessly." Giuseppe Pascali is the author of all projects components, like the creation of the songs, arrangements, recording and studio production, videos productions, graphics, etc.
Because of the nature of the project, it required an adaptation in order to be performed live by only one musician. In its embryonic version songs had been rearranged to be performed with guitar, synthesizer and small ethnic instruments, all managed with loopers. Currently, after a meticolous search on sounds, all the sounds needed for the performance are generated only with a guitar and a contact microphone. What results it's a one-man show mainly based on improvisation.
An ambitious crowdfounding campaign on "Musicraiser" has been succesfully concluded in June 2015. This will finance a future album based on "guided improvisations".